Thursday, December 04, 2008

IZEA Insider's TEDHead's

Please join my TEDHead's Crew. I need bloggers to help provide input into IZEA, win prizes in contests and be eligible to receive IZEAFest tickets! Check here for all the details:

Sunday, November 23, 2008

New, New, New!

Have you dropped by my newly madeover blog, Boating in Beautiful British Columbia yet?

You might be interested to see my 'Baldy' logo and Favicon created by Unique Blog Designs - they are very cool (IMHO). I hope you will take a look - and be sure to leave a comment. I LOVE comments :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How Many Domain Names Do You Own?

Do you buy domain names and store them, hoping to use them or sell them in the future? Do you buy them whenever you 'think up' a cool name? Do you try to come up with names with great possibilities?

I always wonder what people are doing with so many domain names! I own 8 domain names I bought through Go Daddy mostly as they are so user friendly, making the process very simple and quick.

People often buy their unborn or newborn children their own domain names. I like that idea and think it would be a really cool shower gift if you know the baby-to-be's name.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Babble about Blabble on Facebook!

I love adding my photos to Facebook to share with family and friends so they can see what I've been doing lately. If there is a way to make the pictures say more than 1000 words, I'm all for it!

Here are a few photos which I've 'Blabbled on Facebook'. Blabble is a new Facebook 'app' which allows you to add text bubbles to your photos.

Once you've installed the 'app', simply click on 'add Blabble' then move the bubble to wherever you'd like it - either to hide something obtrusive in the photo, or in an empty corner. Double click to add your words, then move the arrow to whichever edge or corner you want your words to appear to come from.

How many Blabble's do you want to put on a photo? I think you could fill an entire frame - with as many as you like.

Not only can it be a lot of fun putting silly words in someone's mouth, or an easy way to add a description right on the photo, but it can also be a great way of sharing information, such as this 'Boatin' Margarita' recipe.

Blabble is a very simple application and extremely easy to use - on existing photos or on new ones. Once you've Blabbled your photos and saved them to the album, you may right click on the photo, 'save image as' whatever name you choose on your desktop or a folder, then upload them to your blog or website to show off to more people!

You're welcome to look at my photos on Facebook to see my Blabble (just request to be my friend)! Then install Blabble on your own Facebook and start Blabbling away to the world... making your pictures tell the story and perhaps a whole lot more!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Battle in Seattle

The Battle in Seattle recreates the historic, controversial events of protesters pitted against the Seattle Police Department and the National Guard during a 5 day protest of the World Trade Organization conference. The city of Seattle was host to the 1999 World Trade Organization's first ministerial conference held in America.

The conference was intended as the launch of a new round of trade negotiation with developing countries but representatives became resentful and uncooperative upon being excluded from talks as the USA and the EU attempted to cement a deal on agriculture. Forty thousand plus, Seattle area residents protested the WTO conference in the streets in a violent conflict with the law.

The 'Battle in Seattle' feature film dramatization of the 1999 WTO protest was filmed in Vancouver and opened in select theatres yesterday in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

The film stars Charlize Theron, a SWAT team wife, who ends up on the wrong side of the law. Woody Harrelson as a member of the SWAT team, Ray Liotta as the Mayor of Seattle and Martin Henderson, one of the key protesters star in this dramatic, life altering story of an historic protest centered around the idealistic doctor who merely wishes to fight aids in Africa, and the Seattle Mayor's conflicted emotions between law and order, and human rights.

This intense drama re-ignites controversy and details the pain and suffering present today in the mines, mills and factories of the Third World. 'Battle in Seattle' may make you re-think your values once you learn how local citizens made a difference in an organized protest which turned into a violent and uncontrollable week long battle of the populace of Puget Sound against the establishment.

Ideas on Tap

Crystal, Morgan and I attended Ideas on Tap at Yaletown Brew Pub Thursday evening. This light networking event was put on by 6S Marketing to give 5 people a 60 second 'milk crate' speech to promote their web business, blog , or tech idea.

After an hour of schmoozing, beer drinking and watching the Canucks game, we listened to the speakers, voted by tapping our beer glasses and cheering for Andre Charland of Nitobi Software who won a 16 GB iPod Touch!

Approximately 250 people attended Ideas on Tap, making it a huge success for the tech/blogging community of Vancouver. Next one is January 2009. You may sign up to receive an email notification.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Costume Creations

I have a funny photo to share of Halloween costumes Kent and I wore in the 1980's. Yes, of course we won a prize - a bottle of wine I think! The prize wasn't the point though - we were out to have fun. Our 'Bride and Groom' costumes were made of plastic bags which I sewed, threaded and taped together. We discovered plastic is rather uncomfortably hot to wear!

Halloween is one of my favourite times as I love dress-up, whether it's a last minute alien headdress made of tinfoil or elegant Period Costumes. I love acting the part and being 'someone else' for an evening.

Halloween Day I always try to visit various business where the employees dress up. The banks always seem to be big on inventive costumes, but even seeing a pair of ghost socks on an employee in a store makes me smile.

Now, here is the bar pick-up line of October: "Have you decided on a costume for Halloween?" It's certainly an ice breaker and sometimes creates an interesting conversation. Sure - you may borrow that!

You can get some great costume ideas at, "The Masters of Masquerade".

So, what are dressing as for Halloween? Do you have your costume picked out? Are you dressing up for work? Going out to a bar? Staying home to scare the little kiddies with a witch costume? Let me know - I need some good ideas this year.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


The 'Skookumchuck' scares me! I guess that's a good thing as I'm aware of the dangers and respect the area. As a child, I heard all the horror stories of people drowning, boats overturning, unwary boaters being caught in the whirlpools and huge logs popping up out of the swirling waters. The 'Chuck' isn't a friendly place - but it is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

Kent enjoys taking friends aboard the boat to 'view' the Skookumchuck Rapids up close. He will only go through the rapids on a slack tide, but on a run-out tide he will manoeuver the boat close enough to the roaring current and whirlpools for guests to experience the mighty power of mother nature.

When we were there two weeks ago, there were people camped on one of the islands. I don't know if I'd want to be there so close to the raging water for more than an hour or so - but it's an experience you wouldn't soon forget! My camera is broken so, no pictures right now :( but if you 'google' Skookumchuck Rapids you will find a great deal of information and pictures.

Smugglers Cove

The sun is supposedly coming out - soon!

We're heading for Port Sidney Marina to spend Labour Day weekend with boating friends from the Crescent Beach Yacht Club and it would certainly be nice to finish off the boating season with summer weather. Right now it feels more like November and we're anchored in Smugglers Cove waiting for the wind to go down and the seas to calm enough to make the crossing to Nanaimo, then South to Sidney.

Smugglers Cove is a lovely little anchorage -but with a narrow and rather treacherous opening to navigate. We are totally protected from the wind and have a stern line tied to a boulder on shore, so all should be well for the night.

I'm waiting for the sun to show it's face so we can carry on toward Sidney!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Seal

Last week a young seal died on the beach at Egmont.

Friends pointed him out to me, as he flippered his way up onto the warm rocks with his big black eyes glistening in the sun. We could see an infected gash on his shoulder and it was oozing. He obviously was very, very sick and lay dying in the warm afternoon sun.

We discussed the options and soon realized mother nature would take care of him. It's illegal to harm the seals, even if they are suffering - so we couldn't put him out of his misery. It wasn't realistic to try to help him in any way so we left him.

After he died, our friend had a closer look and discovered what appeared to be a bullet hole on the side opposite the gash. Yes, seal populations are increasing dramatically and they are a nuisance to the fishermen, but shooting a seal then leaving it to die a slow, painful death is extremely cruel.

We pushed his little body into the water, letting it drift away on the tide.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I have a new blog:

Please drop on over to say hello!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

6 Car Pile-Up in Deas Tunnel

Saturday evening Crystal was in a 6 car pile up in the Deas Tunnel and was rear ended - hard enough to push the car right into the back end of a pick up truck and to cause her and MY car damage. She was in shock for a couple of days, has a sore back, muscle relaxants, a police report, doctors appointments, ICBC appointments, a story to tell - and me... I have a car which had very low mileage, garage kept, was in perfect condition, one owner and destined to become a 'collector'. Now, I have a piece of s**t car... no, what am I talking about - actually I don't even have a car - it's in the wrecker's yard.

Do I sound bitter? Maybe just a tad - this car was my 50th birthday present from Kent - 5 1/2 years ago and I was proud of the fact it was still in nearly perfect condition - other than one insignificant 'rub' which perhaps happened in a parking lot. Crystal and I had just talked about the fact I didn't want mileage put on my car and it was safer sitting in the garage, but she REALLY, REALLy wanted to borrow it for a special date. It was Trevor's birthday and she was driving him downtown and they were going out with a group of friends. I knew my car would be sitting in a secure garage overnight and she doesn't drink and drive - so I let her take it. My mistake.

Sure enough, traffic came to a sudden stop in the tunnel, with the truck and car ahead rear-ending someone who stopped because someone else stopped ahead of him. Crystal was able to stop before rear-ending the truck in front, but the car behind was following too close, going too fast and slammed into the rear end of my car, slamming it into the truck in front. Lucky, it wasn't an 18 wheeler or a larger car following her as my car accordianed with the impact and the damage to Crystal and Trevor would have significantly increased - never mind the car.

Anyway, Crystal took photos for the insurance company - and me as she knew I would blog it. Every fire fighter, ambulance attendant, and policeman in their BDU Pants were out in full force as any accident in the tunnel is always major, usually causing serious injuries, traffic snarls for hours and headaches (and lots of work) for the tow trucks.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

It's so nice to see the sunshine and to know the temperatures will be increasing and the weather will improve. The winter seemed to drag on forever, with dull grey skies and drizzle. I think Spring has finally sprung!

The early flowers are blooming, the trees are budding and even my roses are sending out new bright red shoots. My neighbours are pressure washing and the golf course is getting much busier. I even feel like walking the dyke occasionally with Hugo.

He found this golf ball and carried it all the way home. His Mommy doesn't like him chewing golf balls as they are small enough to choke him, but how could I take it away from him when he was so proud of his find, and carried it all the way home? I let his Mommy take it away... heh heh.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Playing the Odds

Who bought a slot machine? Not me, so it must have been....

Kent, yes Kent, bought TWO slot machines when we were in Vegas early in March. He's never even enjoyed playing the slots and he bought two vintage 10 cent machines at the antique auction we attended. One is a table top slot machine which doesn't seem to work - well, it works fine but doesn't pay... you can put in the dimes but nothing ever seems to come out! I guess that's good if you own the machine. The other is a floor model and does pay - but the maximum payout is $2.00 for 3 bars.

The machines are sitting in our entryway - and every day I hear Kent plopping in his dimes and pulling the handles, laughing when he wins 50 cents. Who'd a thunk it?

I love playing slots and quite often check out the Online casinos, trying the various games, sometimes winning, sometimes not. USA online casinos allow players from all states, with no restrictions. There are free casinos, big bonus casinos and no deposit casinos - even flash casinos, which are 'no download'.

Online casinos are a LOT of fun and very player friendly with tons of fun slots. Not everyone can financially manage a trip to Las Vegas or take the time, but the excitement of the slots is available, easily. You can check out the guide before getting started, so you know exactly what you are playing and how to play and win.

Maybe once Kent gets to really enjoy our old 1950's machines, he'll try out the online casinos and maybe even start enjoying playing in Las Vegas! What do you think? Can an old dog dinosaur learn new tricks?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nascar Dana 1:24 Scale Stock Car

Would you like to own this replica Nascar Stock Car?
The starting bid is $1.00!

You may see the auction widget on my blog and place your bid.

WP Auctions is a free auction widget - no fees to buy or sell and it is simple to install on your WP blogs. Owen from UGH!!'s Greymatter Honeypot is the coding genius behind this WP Plug-in.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Mortgaged to the Hilt!

No, I'm not, but for a young couple starting out there doesn't seem to be any other way to own a home.

I do believe your home and property are the absolute best investments you will ever make and will eventually build your net worth. Renting a home equals paying your landlords mortgage - now that doesn't make much sense. Why put money in his pocket - start filling your own!

Buying a home and taking out a mortgage of your own will show you positive returns, small though they may be in the beginning. Part of your mortgage payment reduces the amount owed to the financial institution but a large part goes toward interest. As years go by and the home appreciates in value, your equity equates to an increase in your overall net worth.

Pay your mortgage weekly to save interest charges and reduce the amount owed much quicker than paying monthly. Check and compare mortgage lenders rates and terms. Educate yourself before making this huge financial comittment.

Let me know in 20 years how it worked out, okay? I think you'll be glad you took the plunge and bought your own home!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Las Vegas Antiques

Kent and I had a great time in Las Vegas with Albert and Norma. We left early Wednesday morning and drove in Alberts truck, stopping for meals and at a couple of antique shops and a night in a hotel. We arrived in Las Vegas late Thursday night, checked into our hotel room and crashed. It felt good to get out of the truck, unpack and know we were staying put for a 4 nights!

Friday, we unhooked the 20 foot trailer and headed out for the day (after a quick preview of the auction items - which was the main reason for our trip). We gambled, ate and wandered around, enjoying the sights and sounds.

The Antique Casino Auction was Saturday and Sunday 9 to 5, and took up most of our time. Registration cost $10.00 each and we were served 4 fabulous buffet meals. Now that was a deal! Of course we left a fair amount of money in the auctioneers hand :) which certainly paid for all the food we could possibly eat.

Kent went crazy and bought a bunch of stuff - cash registers, slot machines, a scale, and a lovely mirror which was once hung in the Flamingo Hotel. I do really, really like the mirror as it has blue mirrored edges and is absolutely beautiful with no marks or chips. It's difficult to decide where we should hang it!

Albert and Norma left Monday morning, dropping Kent at the airport to rent a car for us for the next few days.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Friend Indeed!

I was seriously in need of help on my dot com blog and knew if I put in a request at the Izea Forum, someone would have a suggestion or be able to walk me through a repair.

Owen, from A Bit of This and a Bit of That jumped right on my question a few minutes after I posted and offered to help. He made suggestions and I tried to follow - honestly I did - but the 'fix' was beyond my limited knowledge.

After 3 days of getting nowhere, Owen offered to access my control panel to 'see' what the problem was. I have no problem giving my username and password to a fellow 'postie' whom I know - not in person - but through his blog and the forum.

Owen offered to do a backup first, then fix the RSS Feed problem - and he did it while I was sleeping! He lives on the Isle of Man which is in the Irish Sea, between Scotland and England. The Isle of Man is not part of the United Kingdom although it is in the very centre and Queen Elizabeth is the 'head of state', represented by a Lieutenant Governor.

Check out the blogs belonging to Owen's wife and son, Arthur. I love the idea of starting a blog for a baby to record first steps - what a treasure!

One of Owen's blogs is 'Ask Owen' where he answers questions posed by various people seeking information. His answers are informative and written clearly - so even I feel comfortable following his advice.

I really, really appreciated Owen's help. He is a 'friend indeed'.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kayaking the Skookumchuck!

Kayaking the Skookumchuck in Egmont is an extremely popular sport - and I mean 'extremely' as in very dangerous!

The Skookumchuck Rapids connect two inlets via a very narrow channel where the water is forced through at 30+ kilometres per hour! 'Strong Water', is the meaning of the native 'Skookumchuck'. It's an area to be treated with great respect, having taken many lives over the years, and kayakers must be experienced, strong and have a huge sense of adventure to attempt this challenge.

The Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park offers adventure seeking kayakers 200 billion gallons of treacherous waters, boiling with whirlpools, a standing wave, mighty currents and always the unexpected. Beware the deadhead or large chunk of wood being thrust up by the force of the water.

Your equipment must be topnotch, durable yet light weight, such as Jackson kayaks. Oregonians, with the mighty Columbia River and the Hood River right in their backyard, know the treacherous waters, currents and unexpected conditions a kayaker may experience. Jackson Kayaks are manufactured in Hood River, using the latest technology and of course, are tested by the pro's! The Kayak Shed is comprised of a team of kayaking experts who wish to make this exciting sport accessible to all.

Like me, you may not be quite ready for the 'Skook' but Jackson Kayaks offers styles for every type of paddling, whether you are a recreational paddler or a serious white water competitor. When you are this close to mother nature's harshest element - the unforgiving sea - you need the best and the Kayak Shed offers quality boats, paddles and accessories to equip you.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crabby Rock Crab!

Kaia was very interested to see this Rock Crab up close, but I was worried about her little piggies, so found a couple of large blue elastic bands. Problem solved - Kaia enjoyed watching the crab scuttle on the dock trying to get back to the water.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

If I Had a Million Dollars...

I always loved that song by the Barenaked Ladies!

It's fun to dream about having unlimited funds and buying special gifts for your family. I enjoy 'giving', on Valentine's Day and every holiday.

My list isn't too long. Kent, Pop, Sean, Hillory, Kaia, Crystal and Hugo are top on the list and if I had my choice I'd buy them all a holiday as a gift. To me a gift needs to be a surprise - not something a person needs or requests.

Priceline has a sale on sunshine! I think that will work for everyone, don't you? A nice holiday to an exotic location at this time of year would be perfect. I'm certainly ready to escape the rain and dreary grey skies.

Hugo would probably be just as happy with a new doggy bone or toy from Petco but how can we leave him home while we enjoy a holiday. He's a little sun doggy and loves to bask in the warmth just like us.

Coupon Chief is a one stop coupon deal and discount resource, providing up to date coupon codes, promotional deals and discounts. You will find coupon codes for many online stores and businesses. Be sure to check for deals and coupons before you shop - you might just find the perfect gift for your family members at a great price.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Unsolicited Advice

I don't usually give advice, but you'd want me to discreetly let you know when you're trailing toiletpaper on your shoe or you have broccoli in your teeth. Wouldn't you?

In my opinion Trafficera advertisers need to sharpen their business and proofreading skills! Read on if you dare - some of the bloopers below may be yours.

Trafficera is a useful marketing tool for your web business. If you are interested in improving sales, gaining traffic, attracting subscribers or building a downline business, Trafficera offers a multitude of opportunities.

I WILL NOT click on your site if I spot glaring spelling or grammatical errors in your first sentence.

Creating a successful Trafficera page which will entice viewers to click must be believable above all else. Here are a few tips I want to share:

1. Be realistic in your claims. The words 'millions, thousands and free' indicate desperation. Sure, your readers would all love to be overnight millionaire's, but if it sounds too good to be true, they will run the other way! If your 'system' is proven and reliable, most people will be more than willing to pay a nominal fee to join you. Do NOT try to con today's 'savvy' internet entrepreneur - they KNOW you want their email address.

2. Pop-up ads are annoying - especially ones which the reader must close.

3. If you wish to build a business, use business English - do NOT call your readers, "Hey"!

4. Do NOT tell the world you were a 'loser' - it will not gain your readers confidence.

5. Do NOT tell your reader he or she is a loser.

6. Do NOT show your 'ugly mug'. People respond more favorably to attractive people - it's a fact.

7. Do NOT jump on the bandwagon of 'catchy' phrases or titles. Use the KISS principle - Keep It Simple Stupid.

8. Do NOT bombard your reader with multi colored print, dark colored backgrounds which are slow loading and difficult to read or font which makes your title impossible to decipher.

9. Proof read, before and after you publish your post or page.

Below are portions of sentences which need improvement! Can you spot the errors?


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Your business WILL be far more successful if you present a professional, high quality advertisement. You are only given one chance at a first appearance! Make it count.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Stag and Hen

It's snowing in Beautiful British Columbia! I love seeing the snow and playing in it with my granddaughter but enough is enough!

I'm ready to book a holiday to an exotic destination where the sun is shining. Dialaflight is a UK based company and offers flights to Hong Kong, tranquil Thailand, Valentine Verona and family fun in Orlando. Orlando might be the perfect place to holiday, with beautiful white sand beaches nearby, lots of fun attractions and sunshine.

Dialaflight offers great deals on flights, accomodation, spa packages or even weekend breaks. They give holiday ideas, tips on vaccinations, cruises, insurances and even information on weather.

Do you know what 'Stag and Hen' means? Haha, neither did I and I HAD to click on it!

When you are ready for to book a holiday, be sure to check out

See you on the beach!

SXSW in Austin Texas

The SXSW Convention is being held in Austin Texas March 7 - 16 2008. SXSWeek 2008 is an interactive festival celebrating music, media technology and film.

The event provides a wonderful venue for showcasing new talent in so many fields. Are you taking part?

I hope to see you there as I just entered the SXSW Shoeperstar contest!

Please drop by Boating in Beautiful British Columbia to read my entry. Don't forget to leave me a comment. Will I win?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

When I'm Six

Every day my Granddaughter Kaia asks her Daddy if she can be or do or have something when she's 6. "Absolutely", says Daddy. "You have to work hard for it though". Kaia is the epitome of Girl Mogul! Girls don't have to play only with dolls and wear pretty dresses all the time - girls need a good work ethic and to know they have power.

Kaia is learning girls 'CAN DO' and she's smart. Last night the Chinese food delivery man delivered our order and included a calendar. I opened it, held it up for Kaia to look at and I read the two words at the top of the picture, "Great Wall". "The Great Wall of China", she said. Now how did she know that? She's 5 years old...

GirlMogul - that's how - and by defying conventional stereotyping, her parents are teaching her to approach life to be and do what she dreams. This attitude defies convention and stereotyping and is inspiring and encouraging.

No matter her age, a GirlMogul has an approach to living which encourages big and little dreams, forging her own path, being strong inside while being independent, but still helping others.

Sure, it's fun to play princess for a day, wearing your tiara, ballet shoes and a tutu but reality dictates we need to teach our daughters they may strive to be the 'Future Leader of the Free World'!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where's the Prize?

At my new blog of course! Drop by to enter - simply by leaving a comment, to win this hand made, hand embroidered/beaded (by me) bag.

Boating in Beautiful British Columbia

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where is the Radar?

If you look at my sidebar to the right, you will see an ad for "Where is the Radar?" I clicked on it expecting to see a site somewhere in the world other than Vancouver and the lower mainland!

Much to my surprise, it's a local site advertising on my site. Now that's very cool. Check it out to find out where the radar traps are set up - then go the 'other' way. If you see a radar trap, be sure to mark it so I can go the other way too.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Increased Traffic!

My traffic doubled today!!!

This morning I signed up for Trafficera and it's working - incredibly. Try it by joining the GPTBlogger team through my referral link if you want to seriously increase your traffic.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Crossing the Border

Does crossing the border between countries make you nervous?

My family and I cross regularly between Canada and the United States so I'm familiar with the process but I still feel 'guilty'. I know I'm not guilty of anything - I don't smuggle anything, I don't try to cheat or hide goods or lie... but knowing I'm about to be questioned by the customs officer makes me very nervous.

I know the things to do and to not do. When approaching the booth I always take my sunglasses off, turn down the radio, ignore my cell phone if it rings, make eye contact, have my passport ready, plan how I will answer questions, know all the details of the time I was out of the country, such as the date I left and only answer the questions. I know not to volunteer information, make chitchat or joke. The officers have guns and usually NO sense of humour!

Last week Crystal and I crossed the border to go to the post office in Blaine. I was expecting a package of undies I'd ordered on eBay and Crystal had a package to mail. No problem at all going through US customs - the office did 'profile' us though by asking, "Going shopping?". What, just because we are female does that mean we have to be going shopping?

Crystal was driving on the way hone and as we approached the booth she asked me what the value of the goods was. $77.00 dollars for 6 pairs of undies. I was sure we'd have to go in the office to pay duty and was prepared to be grilled. I planned to pull the undies out of the tiny little wrapper to show off - they are very cute!

Crystal said, "Don't worry Mom, they won't make you pay anything!"

It was our lucky day, there wasn't just the one officer standing outside the booth awaiting us, but another sitting inside the booth. They were both quite attractive young men but very serious and intimidating.

The officer outside the booth asked how long we'd been away.

"15 minutes", Crystal said.

The officer asked, "What is the value of goods you are bringing into the Country?"

Crystal replied, "$77.00 dollars".

"What are the goods?", the officer asked.

"Panties", Crystal said.

The officer looked at the other officer, then back at us and said, "Okay".

We drove away, with Crystal smirking at me. "What????, I asked.

"Panties", she said. "The word panties flusters men, Mom".

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Entrecard Visitor List

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