Saturday, February 09, 2008

Unsolicited Advice

I don't usually give advice, but you'd want me to discreetly let you know when you're trailing toiletpaper on your shoe or you have broccoli in your teeth. Wouldn't you?

In my opinion Trafficera advertisers need to sharpen their business and proofreading skills! Read on if you dare - some of the bloopers below may be yours.

Trafficera is a useful marketing tool for your web business. If you are interested in improving sales, gaining traffic, attracting subscribers or building a downline business, Trafficera offers a multitude of opportunities.

I WILL NOT click on your site if I spot glaring spelling or grammatical errors in your first sentence.

Creating a successful Trafficera page which will entice viewers to click must be believable above all else. Here are a few tips I want to share:

1. Be realistic in your claims. The words 'millions, thousands and free' indicate desperation. Sure, your readers would all love to be overnight millionaire's, but if it sounds too good to be true, they will run the other way! If your 'system' is proven and reliable, most people will be more than willing to pay a nominal fee to join you. Do NOT try to con today's 'savvy' internet entrepreneur - they KNOW you want their email address.

2. Pop-up ads are annoying - especially ones which the reader must close.

3. If you wish to build a business, use business English - do NOT call your readers, "Hey"!

4. Do NOT tell the world you were a 'loser' - it will not gain your readers confidence.

5. Do NOT tell your reader he or she is a loser.

6. Do NOT show your 'ugly mug'. People respond more favorably to attractive people - it's a fact.

7. Do NOT jump on the bandwagon of 'catchy' phrases or titles. Use the KISS principle - Keep It Simple Stupid.

8. Do NOT bombard your reader with multi colored print, dark colored backgrounds which are slow loading and difficult to read or font which makes your title impossible to decipher.

9. Proof read, before and after you publish your post or page.

Below are portions of sentences which need improvement! Can you spot the errors?


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10. If English is not your first language, or one of the errors in the above sentences is YOURS, and you wish to entice quality business people to your opportunity, hire a proof reader to assist you. Contact proofreader at live dot com

Your business WILL be far more successful if you present a professional, high quality advertisement. You are only given one chance at a first appearance! Make it count.


Jackie said...

Excellent post.

I have over the years never joined a program with a pop up as I know if I advertise it I in turn will annoy someone else.

My major hate is an advert with poor spelling neither British nor US English. My blog I do in US English purely to not have red underlines all over the place.

cybercelt said...

Did you get all these from surfing at Trafficera? LOL

Thanks for displaying my ad today

Mo said...

Hey I'm a looser and thatess my uglie mugg --->

Great post!

(aren't you glad I can't post comments in multi-colored weird font?)

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