Saturday, October 25, 2008

Babble about Blabble on Facebook!

I love adding my photos to Facebook to share with family and friends so they can see what I've been doing lately. If there is a way to make the pictures say more than 1000 words, I'm all for it!

Here are a few photos which I've 'Blabbled on Facebook'. Blabble is a new Facebook 'app' which allows you to add text bubbles to your photos.

Once you've installed the 'app', simply click on 'add Blabble' then move the bubble to wherever you'd like it - either to hide something obtrusive in the photo, or in an empty corner. Double click to add your words, then move the arrow to whichever edge or corner you want your words to appear to come from.

How many Blabble's do you want to put on a photo? I think you could fill an entire frame - with as many as you like.

Not only can it be a lot of fun putting silly words in someone's mouth, or an easy way to add a description right on the photo, but it can also be a great way of sharing information, such as this 'Boatin' Margarita' recipe.

Blabble is a very simple application and extremely easy to use - on existing photos or on new ones. Once you've Blabbled your photos and saved them to the album, you may right click on the photo, 'save image as' whatever name you choose on your desktop or a folder, then upload them to your blog or website to show off to more people!

You're welcome to look at my photos on Facebook to see my Blabble (just request to be my friend)! Then install Blabble on your own Facebook and start Blabbling away to the world... making your pictures tell the story and perhaps a whole lot more!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Battle in Seattle

The Battle in Seattle recreates the historic, controversial events of protesters pitted against the Seattle Police Department and the National Guard during a 5 day protest of the World Trade Organization conference. The city of Seattle was host to the 1999 World Trade Organization's first ministerial conference held in America.

The conference was intended as the launch of a new round of trade negotiation with developing countries but representatives became resentful and uncooperative upon being excluded from talks as the USA and the EU attempted to cement a deal on agriculture. Forty thousand plus, Seattle area residents protested the WTO conference in the streets in a violent conflict with the law.

The 'Battle in Seattle' feature film dramatization of the 1999 WTO protest was filmed in Vancouver and opened in select theatres yesterday in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

The film stars Charlize Theron, a SWAT team wife, who ends up on the wrong side of the law. Woody Harrelson as a member of the SWAT team, Ray Liotta as the Mayor of Seattle and Martin Henderson, one of the key protesters star in this dramatic, life altering story of an historic protest centered around the idealistic doctor who merely wishes to fight aids in Africa, and the Seattle Mayor's conflicted emotions between law and order, and human rights.

This intense drama re-ignites controversy and details the pain and suffering present today in the mines, mills and factories of the Third World. 'Battle in Seattle' may make you re-think your values once you learn how local citizens made a difference in an organized protest which turned into a violent and uncontrollable week long battle of the populace of Puget Sound against the establishment.

Ideas on Tap

Crystal, Morgan and I attended Ideas on Tap at Yaletown Brew Pub Thursday evening. This light networking event was put on by 6S Marketing to give 5 people a 60 second 'milk crate' speech to promote their web business, blog , or tech idea.

After an hour of schmoozing, beer drinking and watching the Canucks game, we listened to the speakers, voted by tapping our beer glasses and cheering for Andre Charland of Nitobi Software who won a 16 GB iPod Touch!

Approximately 250 people attended Ideas on Tap, making it a huge success for the tech/blogging community of Vancouver. Next one is January 2009. You may sign up to receive an email notification.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Costume Creations

I have a funny photo to share of Halloween costumes Kent and I wore in the 1980's. Yes, of course we won a prize - a bottle of wine I think! The prize wasn't the point though - we were out to have fun. Our 'Bride and Groom' costumes were made of plastic bags which I sewed, threaded and taped together. We discovered plastic is rather uncomfortably hot to wear!

Halloween is one of my favourite times as I love dress-up, whether it's a last minute alien headdress made of tinfoil or elegant Period Costumes. I love acting the part and being 'someone else' for an evening.

Halloween Day I always try to visit various business where the employees dress up. The banks always seem to be big on inventive costumes, but even seeing a pair of ghost socks on an employee in a store makes me smile.

Now, here is the bar pick-up line of October: "Have you decided on a costume for Halloween?" It's certainly an ice breaker and sometimes creates an interesting conversation. Sure - you may borrow that!

You can get some great costume ideas at, "The Masters of Masquerade".

So, what are dressing as for Halloween? Do you have your costume picked out? Are you dressing up for work? Going out to a bar? Staying home to scare the little kiddies with a witch costume? Let me know - I need some good ideas this year.