Thursday, February 19, 2009

Do Over Day February 26

February 26 is DO OVER DAY! What would you 'Do Over' if you had the chance to make things right from your past?

I have so many regrets from the past it's hard to choose just one, but since this is now an official Calendar Occasion, with greeting cards, T-shirts and more, I will start at the start to make amends. I should be able to make amends for everything I regret in the 40 or so years I have left on earth!

Here is my first remembrance of an offense I committed which hurt another.

When I was 12, I encouraged my friend to steal her Moms red lipstick on Halloween evening and we went out to the carport and I wrote all over her Moms car windshield, using up ALL the lipstick and making a terrible mess of the car.

I never admitted to that mean prank and my friend had to clean the lipstick off the windshield. I've been sorry about that for 45 years now and can't even apologize to her Mom because she died years ago. I hope this gets me off the hook! I know I feel better for having admitted I made a mistake.

What do you want to make amends for in your past? Do you regret a lost opportunity, a scene you made at your best friends wedding, a choice to get a tattoo or do drugs? Not being there for a friend when he/she needed your help?

Where would your life have gone if you could 'Do Over' just one event?

Mark Do Over Day on your calendar right now, then make your plans to make amends for something which you regret. Be sure to spread the word about Do Over Day with your friends via Facebook - this awesome day could make a huge difference in their lives!

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Celebrating 96 Years Young!

Candle birthday cakes.Image via Wikipedia

My 'Pop' has had 95 birthdays already and his 96th is coming up really quickly!

My family and I have held some incredible parties for him over the years with great themes and huge numbers of guests... so it's always difficult to come up with another idea for a party. When you live as long as Pop has I think your birthday should be very special every year.

So, I'm starting to research a few ideas now for his June birthday. Once I'm at Egmont, living aboard the boat for the Spring and Summer I don't have internet access continually and certainly don't have much time for research!

I always found kids birthday party ideas were easy to come up with, but adults are another story - especially 'older' adults.

With the help of I think I've come up with a fairly good idea! Summer Solstice is the end of June so that theme would fit perfectly. The decor is simple - clear mini lights in the trees, a few Chinese lanterns hung from the branches, candles on the tables, pretty napkins and fresh flowers. Add guests, with a potluck dinner, a huge birthday cake with 96 candles, and party into the wee hours, while wishing Pop all the best and welcoming summer sunshine and warmth!

Will you join us?

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