Friday, March 28, 2008

Playing the Odds

Who bought a slot machine? Not me, so it must have been....

Kent, yes Kent, bought TWO slot machines when we were in Vegas early in March. He's never even enjoyed playing the slots and he bought two vintage 10 cent machines at the antique auction we attended. One is a table top slot machine which doesn't seem to work - well, it works fine but doesn't pay... you can put in the dimes but nothing ever seems to come out! I guess that's good if you own the machine. The other is a floor model and does pay - but the maximum payout is $2.00 for 3 bars.

The machines are sitting in our entryway - and every day I hear Kent plopping in his dimes and pulling the handles, laughing when he wins 50 cents. Who'd a thunk it?

I love playing slots and quite often check out the Online casinos, trying the various games, sometimes winning, sometimes not. USA online casinos allow players from all states, with no restrictions. There are free casinos, big bonus casinos and no deposit casinos - even flash casinos, which are 'no download'.

Online casinos are a LOT of fun and very player friendly with tons of fun slots. Not everyone can financially manage a trip to Las Vegas or take the time, but the excitement of the slots is available, easily. You can check out the guide before getting started, so you know exactly what you are playing and how to play and win.

Maybe once Kent gets to really enjoy our old 1950's machines, he'll try out the online casinos and maybe even start enjoying playing in Las Vegas! What do you think? Can an old dog dinosaur learn new tricks?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nascar Dana 1:24 Scale Stock Car

Would you like to own this replica Nascar Stock Car?
The starting bid is $1.00!

You may see the auction widget on my blog and place your bid.

WP Auctions is a free auction widget - no fees to buy or sell and it is simple to install on your WP blogs. Owen from UGH!!'s Greymatter Honeypot is the coding genius behind this WP Plug-in.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Mortgaged to the Hilt!

No, I'm not, but for a young couple starting out there doesn't seem to be any other way to own a home.

I do believe your home and property are the absolute best investments you will ever make and will eventually build your net worth. Renting a home equals paying your landlords mortgage - now that doesn't make much sense. Why put money in his pocket - start filling your own!

Buying a home and taking out a mortgage of your own will show you positive returns, small though they may be in the beginning. Part of your mortgage payment reduces the amount owed to the financial institution but a large part goes toward interest. As years go by and the home appreciates in value, your equity equates to an increase in your overall net worth.

Pay your mortgage weekly to save interest charges and reduce the amount owed much quicker than paying monthly. Check and compare mortgage lenders rates and terms. Educate yourself before making this huge financial comittment.

Let me know in 20 years how it worked out, okay? I think you'll be glad you took the plunge and bought your own home!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Las Vegas Antiques

Kent and I had a great time in Las Vegas with Albert and Norma. We left early Wednesday morning and drove in Alberts truck, stopping for meals and at a couple of antique shops and a night in a hotel. We arrived in Las Vegas late Thursday night, checked into our hotel room and crashed. It felt good to get out of the truck, unpack and know we were staying put for a 4 nights!

Friday, we unhooked the 20 foot trailer and headed out for the day (after a quick preview of the auction items - which was the main reason for our trip). We gambled, ate and wandered around, enjoying the sights and sounds.

The Antique Casino Auction was Saturday and Sunday 9 to 5, and took up most of our time. Registration cost $10.00 each and we were served 4 fabulous buffet meals. Now that was a deal! Of course we left a fair amount of money in the auctioneers hand :) which certainly paid for all the food we could possibly eat.

Kent went crazy and bought a bunch of stuff - cash registers, slot machines, a scale, and a lovely mirror which was once hung in the Flamingo Hotel. I do really, really like the mirror as it has blue mirrored edges and is absolutely beautiful with no marks or chips. It's difficult to decide where we should hang it!

Albert and Norma left Monday morning, dropping Kent at the airport to rent a car for us for the next few days.

Saturday, March 01, 2008