Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Friend Indeed!

I was seriously in need of help on my dot com blog and knew if I put in a request at the Izea Forum, someone would have a suggestion or be able to walk me through a repair.

Owen, from A Bit of This and a Bit of That jumped right on my question a few minutes after I posted and offered to help. He made suggestions and I tried to follow - honestly I did - but the 'fix' was beyond my limited knowledge.

After 3 days of getting nowhere, Owen offered to access my control panel to 'see' what the problem was. I have no problem giving my username and password to a fellow 'postie' whom I know - not in person - but through his blog and the forum.

Owen offered to do a backup first, then fix the RSS Feed problem - and he did it while I was sleeping! He lives on the Isle of Man which is in the Irish Sea, between Scotland and England. The Isle of Man is not part of the United Kingdom although it is in the very centre and Queen Elizabeth is the 'head of state', represented by a Lieutenant Governor.

Check out the blogs belonging to Owen's wife and son, Arthur. I love the idea of starting a blog for a baby to record first steps - what a treasure!

One of Owen's blogs is 'Ask Owen' where he answers questions posed by various people seeking information. His answers are informative and written clearly - so even I feel comfortable following his advice.

I really, really appreciated Owen's help. He is a 'friend indeed'.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kayaking the Skookumchuck!

Kayaking the Skookumchuck in Egmont is an extremely popular sport - and I mean 'extremely' as in very dangerous!

The Skookumchuck Rapids connect two inlets via a very narrow channel where the water is forced through at 30+ kilometres per hour! 'Strong Water', is the meaning of the native 'Skookumchuck'. It's an area to be treated with great respect, having taken many lives over the years, and kayakers must be experienced, strong and have a huge sense of adventure to attempt this challenge.

The Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park offers adventure seeking kayakers 200 billion gallons of treacherous waters, boiling with whirlpools, a standing wave, mighty currents and always the unexpected. Beware the deadhead or large chunk of wood being thrust up by the force of the water.

Your equipment must be topnotch, durable yet light weight, such as Jackson kayaks. Oregonians, with the mighty Columbia River and the Hood River right in their backyard, know the treacherous waters, currents and unexpected conditions a kayaker may experience. Jackson Kayaks are manufactured in Hood River, using the latest technology and of course, are tested by the pro's! The Kayak Shed is comprised of a team of kayaking experts who wish to make this exciting sport accessible to all.

Like me, you may not be quite ready for the 'Skook' but Jackson Kayaks offers styles for every type of paddling, whether you are a recreational paddler or a serious white water competitor. When you are this close to mother nature's harshest element - the unforgiving sea - you need the best and the Kayak Shed offers quality boats, paddles and accessories to equip you.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crabby Rock Crab!

Kaia was very interested to see this Rock Crab up close, but I was worried about her little piggies, so found a couple of large blue elastic bands. Problem solved - Kaia enjoyed watching the crab scuttle on the dock trying to get back to the water.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

If I Had a Million Dollars...

I always loved that song by the Barenaked Ladies!

It's fun to dream about having unlimited funds and buying special gifts for your family. I enjoy 'giving', on Valentine's Day and every holiday.

My list isn't too long. Kent, Pop, Sean, Hillory, Kaia, Crystal and Hugo are top on the list and if I had my choice I'd buy them all a holiday as a gift. To me a gift needs to be a surprise - not something a person needs or requests.

Priceline has a sale on sunshine! I think that will work for everyone, don't you? A nice holiday to an exotic location at this time of year would be perfect. I'm certainly ready to escape the rain and dreary grey skies.

Hugo would probably be just as happy with a new doggy bone or toy from Petco but how can we leave him home while we enjoy a holiday. He's a little sun doggy and loves to bask in the warmth just like us.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Unsolicited Advice

I don't usually give advice, but you'd want me to discreetly let you know when you're trailing toiletpaper on your shoe or you have broccoli in your teeth. Wouldn't you?

In my opinion Trafficera advertisers need to sharpen their business and proofreading skills! Read on if you dare - some of the bloopers below may be yours.

Trafficera is a useful marketing tool for your web business. If you are interested in improving sales, gaining traffic, attracting subscribers or building a downline business, Trafficera offers a multitude of opportunities.

I WILL NOT click on your site if I spot glaring spelling or grammatical errors in your first sentence.

Creating a successful Trafficera page which will entice viewers to click must be believable above all else. Here are a few tips I want to share:

1. Be realistic in your claims. The words 'millions, thousands and free' indicate desperation. Sure, your readers would all love to be overnight millionaire's, but if it sounds too good to be true, they will run the other way! If your 'system' is proven and reliable, most people will be more than willing to pay a nominal fee to join you. Do NOT try to con today's 'savvy' internet entrepreneur - they KNOW you want their email address.

2. Pop-up ads are annoying - especially ones which the reader must close.

3. If you wish to build a business, use business English - do NOT call your readers, "Hey"!

4. Do NOT tell the world you were a 'loser' - it will not gain your readers confidence.

5. Do NOT tell your reader he or she is a loser.

6. Do NOT show your 'ugly mug'. People respond more favorably to attractive people - it's a fact.

7. Do NOT jump on the bandwagon of 'catchy' phrases or titles. Use the KISS principle - Keep It Simple Stupid.

8. Do NOT bombard your reader with multi colored print, dark colored backgrounds which are slow loading and difficult to read or font which makes your title impossible to decipher.

9. Proof read, before and after you publish your post or page.

Below are portions of sentences which need improvement! Can you spot the errors?


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Your business WILL be far more successful if you present a professional, high quality advertisement. You are only given one chance at a first appearance! Make it count.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Stag and Hen

It's snowing in Beautiful British Columbia! I love seeing the snow and playing in it with my granddaughter but enough is enough!

I'm ready to book a holiday to an exotic destination where the sun is shining. Dialaflight is a UK based company and offers flights to Hong Kong, tranquil Thailand, Valentine Verona and family fun in Orlando. Orlando might be the perfect place to holiday, with beautiful white sand beaches nearby, lots of fun attractions and sunshine.

Dialaflight offers great deals on flights, accomodation, spa packages or even weekend breaks. They give holiday ideas, tips on vaccinations, cruises, insurances and even information on weather.

Do you know what 'Stag and Hen' means? Haha, neither did I and I HAD to click on it!

When you are ready for to book a holiday, be sure to check out

See you on the beach!

SXSW in Austin Texas

The SXSW Convention is being held in Austin Texas March 7 - 16 2008. SXSWeek 2008 is an interactive festival celebrating music, media technology and film.

The event provides a wonderful venue for showcasing new talent in so many fields. Are you taking part?

I hope to see you there as I just entered the SXSW Shoeperstar contest!

Please drop by Boating in Beautiful British Columbia to read my entry. Don't forget to leave me a comment. Will I win?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

When I'm Six

Every day my Granddaughter Kaia asks her Daddy if she can be or do or have something when she's 6. "Absolutely", says Daddy. "You have to work hard for it though". Kaia is the epitome of Girl Mogul! Girls don't have to play only with dolls and wear pretty dresses all the time - girls need a good work ethic and to know they have power.

Kaia is learning girls 'CAN DO' and she's smart. Last night the Chinese food delivery man delivered our order and included a calendar. I opened it, held it up for Kaia to look at and I read the two words at the top of the picture, "Great Wall". "The Great Wall of China", she said. Now how did she know that? She's 5 years old...

GirlMogul - that's how - and by defying conventional stereotyping, her parents are teaching her to approach life to be and do what she dreams. This attitude defies convention and stereotyping and is inspiring and encouraging.

No matter her age, a GirlMogul has an approach to living which encourages big and little dreams, forging her own path, being strong inside while being independent, but still helping others.

Sure, it's fun to play princess for a day, wearing your tiara, ballet shoes and a tutu but reality dictates we need to teach our daughters they may strive to be the 'Future Leader of the Free World'!