Thursday, April 09, 2009

Short Stories in the Making

Twitter is my new best friend. I've met so many interesting bloggers via Twitter and honestly call them friends even though I only know them 'online'. The ones who answer a 'tweet' or a call for help amaze me no end.

When I need technical help, or a simple answer about a product, I know some kind soul somewhere in the world will answer my plea and usually help me solve my problem.

Yesterday, I needed a review of a new ebook and put out a request on Twitter - sure enough, an answer quickly came from Colleen Gough of Short Stories in the Making. She agreed to write a review - and within 24 hours completed it, posted it to her blog and did a great job.

Colleen writes from the heart. After reading only a few of her posts, I know she is truly a good person who appreciates each day and is thankful for her blessings. She is strong in her beliefs and no doubt a loyal, honest friend.

The Law of the Garbage Truck is one of Colleens recent posts and is one of my favorites. If you haven't read this story of the taxi driver who doesn't let other people's garbage ruin his day, you need to visit Colleen! She will inspire you to be tolerant and forgiving!

Thanks Twitter - for introducing me to Colleen!

Ebook Affiliate Program

Earth (my favorite planet)Image by woodleywonderworks via Flickr

Are you a Green Blogger? Do you love to learn, practice, and promote new ideas to make our world safer for the generations to come?

This new Ebook “How to Save Money and the Planet” will give you some wonderful ideas you can implement and share.

My friend Murray Newlands is looking for green affiliate bloggers with green affiliate blogs to write reviews of his newest Ebook. He has a variety of landing pages and is willing to make YOU a custom landing page.

As the title of the book suggests it is very much focused on how to save money and stop waste, as well as how to save the environment. Ebooks are very popular in any economy but in a recession climate, consumers want to save money and are very conscious of where every penny goes.

This is an opportunity to make money as an affiliate while doing something positive for the environment.

Please join Murray's Ebook Affiliate Program.

Beautiful British Columbia and our entire planet will thank you :)

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