Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ebook Affiliate Program

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Are you a Green Blogger? Do you love to learn, practice, and promote new ideas to make our world safer for the generations to come?

This new Ebook “How to Save Money and the Planet” will give you some wonderful ideas you can implement and share.

My friend Murray Newlands is looking for green affiliate bloggers with green affiliate blogs to write reviews of his newest Ebook. He has a variety of landing pages and is willing to make YOU a custom landing page.

As the title of the book suggests it is very much focused on how to save money and stop waste, as well as how to save the environment. Ebooks are very popular in any economy but in a recession climate, consumers want to save money and are very conscious of where every penny goes.

This is an opportunity to make money as an affiliate while doing something positive for the environment.

Please join Murray's Ebook Affiliate Program.

Beautiful British Columbia and our entire planet will thank you :)

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Murray Newlands said...

Thanks for promoting my book :)

icgold said...

so you be the reseller of the book? or just promote it? I also ask this to murray. Please advise

Vanessa said...

Looks like a good affiliate program. I think it is era of everything green in these days so book can be sold easily. Although I am not expert at it but I read a lot about CB(Click bank). I think that is a good place to sell such stuff. Anyways, I'll be forwarding few of my friends here who have such sites.

answerstash said...

I will surely join this save environment and also request my other friend blogger to join this movement.

danyexel said...

""""nice ebook..., very informative..., thanks..:)"""

Green Contractors said...

What's the payout for this e-book? Have you had much success with it? Are you hearing positive reviews from buyers?