Friday, March 20, 2009

Recession Humour from Virgin Mobile

Hot Tip of the Day:

'Libraries aren’t just for making out anymore. Hit up your local “free bookstore” for books & movies.'

We all need a break now and then from the incessant recession talk, and Virgin Mobile has an awesome 'Screw You Recession' blog with some very humorous articles, suggestions, and critiques of how celebrities of the world are coping in this economic downturn.

Want advice or tips on fashion, eating, daily living, the arts, going green or the tech world? Virgin Mobile has it all, using a very funny approach which will appeal to nearly everyone. Be sure you input your mood into the Recession Mood Meter to weigh in on this heavy subject! will be posting interviews with financially savvy people Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder and will be inviting interesting guest bloggers to take part in this cool site.

Everyone needs to use a budget calculator, and it, as well as e-coupons will be coming soon. Of course no blog would be complete without a Facebook page - so check back regularly for updates.

Virgin Mobile has some cool phones and affordable calling plans - sign up and say Hello to 'screwing the recession'.

Please follow @virginmobilecan on Twitter: to catch the latest and greatest tips on screwing the recession!


That girl said...

Ah Heather, it's nice to see you're still around... I've missed you!

It's Michelle from formerly Once Upon a Time..

Take care :-)

Solar Panels For Sale said...

Really I think the Virgin Mobile will be able to be make some big changes in mobile world.

Michelle said...

I have a Virgin Mobile phone and I think they are pretty good phones and they could go really far in the next couple of years.

K T Cat said...

I love the fact htat they made their tips funny and clever.


I also think the Virgin Mobile will be able to be make some big changes in mobile world.

pcmasters said...

In germany we have no Virgin Mobiles, but i think its quit a good idea for america.
I follow now the virginmobilecan on twitter :)