Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Research Before Surgery

After seeing a few 'older than me' women go through various nips, tucks and facelifts I always said I'd 'never' bother. Mostly because I didn't like the extreme tightening of the skin facial skin and the problems with eyes not closing properly.

Well, that was before MY wrinkles set in and before my skin started to thin and sag and bulge in the wrong places, and before my boobs started sagging. That has to be the worst. When I look in the mirror now, I'm reminded of the cartoon where an old saggy breasted, bulgy bellied woman pulls up a really tight girdle and her boobs pop back in place making her look 30 again.

Who took my youthful beauty while I wasn't looking? What a shocker to have that happen and now I WANT IT BACK! Cosmetic plastic surgery has come a long way since I first heard of friends trying it and I might even consider obtaining Breast Enlargement Advice. I bought a lovely summer strapless dress yesterday which would look even more fabulous with perky boobs. (Make Yourself Amazing) has an interesting website which answers many questions and offers tons of information. Beware - there are photos of surgical procedures, so it's not for the faint of heart! I'm sure I could find a reputable cosmetic surgery site on this side of the Atlantic Ocean so I wouldn't have the need to travel afar, but it's certainly worth researching many different sites to compare prices, procedures and to read first hand testimonials before making a decision.

How do you feel about plastic surgery? Would you ever consider it? Do you think there should be an age restriction? How would you choose a doctor or clinic? How far would you travel for a highly recommended service?

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Fit Breast said...

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