Sunday, March 01, 2009

Changing Trends

28 years ago, when I was pregnant, maternity clothes were plain old ugly - and difficult to find! I bought one pretty blue top, and one pair of jeans with a stretch panel in the front - man, they were fugly!

Rather than spend a lot of money on clothes I knew I'd never wear again, I chose to sew my own outfits, even a black dress to wear to a pre-Christmas party. I was actually in labor the night I wore it to the party.

Since then, many clothing companies have embraced the 'baby bump' with comfy, affordable, attractive outfits, making it a pleasure to see a pregnant woman dressed in stylish attire, proud of her 'condition'.

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gavelect said...

Hi, I have just fallen pregnent for the second time and am looking forward to having a new baby in the family, My othe kid is 12 now so it ws so long ago, The worst thing I hated the last time round was the clothes, especialy the Maternity Trousers but I am more than a little optistic this time round as the maternity fashion nowadays is very nice indeed, anyway it was nice reading your post, thanks.