Friday, March 20, 2009

Recession Humour from Virgin Mobile

Hot Tip of the Day:

'Libraries aren’t just for making out anymore. Hit up your local “free bookstore” for books & movies.'

We all need a break now and then from the incessant recession talk, and Virgin Mobile has an awesome 'Screw You Recession' blog with some very humorous articles, suggestions, and critiques of how celebrities of the world are coping in this economic downturn.

Want advice or tips on fashion, eating, daily living, the arts, going green or the tech world? Virgin Mobile has it all, using a very funny approach which will appeal to nearly everyone. Be sure you input your mood into the Recession Mood Meter to weigh in on this heavy subject! will be posting interviews with financially savvy people Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder and will be inviting interesting guest bloggers to take part in this cool site.

Everyone needs to use a budget calculator, and it, as well as e-coupons will be coming soon. Of course no blog would be complete without a Facebook page - so check back regularly for updates.

Virgin Mobile has some cool phones and affordable calling plans - sign up and say Hello to 'screwing the recession'.

Please follow @virginmobilecan on Twitter: to catch the latest and greatest tips on screwing the recession!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Personalized Gifts for Special Guests

I have personalized towels and housecoats on the Jervis Mist and love them. Really special guests get a golf shirt with 'Jervis Mist' embroidered on the chest, but I've never ordered myself a shirt or jacket. It must be time!

Whether you want personalized baby gifts, hats, t-shirts or golf shirts, is the place to go.

I uploaded my bald eagle avatar 'Baldy' to see how it would look on a shirt. It took a while because it's a huge file, and I don't need all the background color so I need to photoshop my picture first, then upload it again. Creating custom embroidery logos and text is very simple and you may see exactly how your project will look before ordering. The simple 'foundry tool' allows you to increase or decrease the number of colors - of course, the fewer the colors, the less expensive your embroidery.

Here is a screenshot of my picture while it was loading. I really like the stylized look of the eagle.

There's a decent selection of styles and colors from which to choose - and talk about a 'unique gift'. I'll certainly use this site when I need a special birthday gift, baby gift or a guest gift! I hope you'll check it out and be sure to show me the cool gifts you choose to have embroidered.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Research Before Surgery

After seeing a few 'older than me' women go through various nips, tucks and facelifts I always said I'd 'never' bother. Mostly because I didn't like the extreme tightening of the skin facial skin and the problems with eyes not closing properly.

Well, that was before MY wrinkles set in and before my skin started to thin and sag and bulge in the wrong places, and before my boobs started sagging. That has to be the worst. When I look in the mirror now, I'm reminded of the cartoon where an old saggy breasted, bulgy bellied woman pulls up a really tight girdle and her boobs pop back in place making her look 30 again.

Who took my youthful beauty while I wasn't looking? What a shocker to have that happen and now I WANT IT BACK! Cosmetic plastic surgery has come a long way since I first heard of friends trying it and I might even consider obtaining Breast Enlargement Advice. I bought a lovely summer strapless dress yesterday which would look even more fabulous with perky boobs. (Make Yourself Amazing) has an interesting website which answers many questions and offers tons of information. Beware - there are photos of surgical procedures, so it's not for the faint of heart! I'm sure I could find a reputable cosmetic surgery site on this side of the Atlantic Ocean so I wouldn't have the need to travel afar, but it's certainly worth researching many different sites to compare prices, procedures and to read first hand testimonials before making a decision.

How do you feel about plastic surgery? Would you ever consider it? Do you think there should be an age restriction? How would you choose a doctor or clinic? How far would you travel for a highly recommended service?

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Changing Trends

28 years ago, when I was pregnant, maternity clothes were plain old ugly - and difficult to find! I bought one pretty blue top, and one pair of jeans with a stretch panel in the front - man, they were fugly!

Rather than spend a lot of money on clothes I knew I'd never wear again, I chose to sew my own outfits, even a black dress to wear to a pre-Christmas party. I was actually in labor the night I wore it to the party.

Since then, many clothing companies have embraced the 'baby bump' with comfy, affordable, attractive outfits, making it a pleasure to see a pregnant woman dressed in stylish attire, proud of her 'condition'.

If you are looking for trendy, unique styles to fit your lifestyle, I suggest taking a look at Kiki's Fashions for a great selection of quality clothing at up to 75% discounts. How much do you think the purple strapless costs? You won't believe the price!

Here is an exclusive 20% discount code for you to use at checkout: "blogfriends".

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Old Spaghetti Factory

Last night 6 of us went out for dinner to celebrate a friends birthday. None of us had been to the 'Old Spaghetti Factory' in many years and it was a very pleasant surprise.

We didn't wait long to be seated, but we weren't fussy either about the location of our table as long as it wasn't too far a walk for Pop with his walker. We were seated at a window table which was just below street level so we saw 'everything' that was happening.

The Old Spaghetti Factory in New Westminster is right beside the Sky Train station and there are plenty of unsavory characters who hang around there, so that made for some good 'people watching'.

Our waiter was a bit of a talker, and a little disorganized, but other than that everything was very good. The place was clean, with great antique furniture and art objects imported from Great Britain. The large scale near the front door was a great conversation piece. Pop suggested we all weigh ourselves before and after dinner. He didn't get many takers - ha!

The food was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend the Old Spaghetti Factory. Of course, you expect spaghetti to be served, but the menu was extensive with a range of prices and very kid friendly. The bill with a bottle of red wine and 3 drinks was about $45.00 per couple, which seemed very reasonable for an evening out with good friends!

It didn't look like hard times had hit in New West last night - as we were finishing dinner the lineup of families was stretched halfway up the block!

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