Sunday, December 06, 2009

Grandfather Clock Family Tradition

A home with a Grandfather Clock makes me think of continuity, warmth and family togetherness.

Traditions have always been important in my family and I like to carry on the special ones so my children and grandchildren will have good memories of certain times in their lives to remember, talk about and even laugh about! Can you imagine learning to tell the time from your Grandfather as he shows you his prize possession of a Grandfather Clock sitting proudly in his home? As a child and even as a young adult I recall the pride my friends Grandpa showed when we asked about his clock!

Some families are lucky enough to have grandfather clocks in their homes. I like the continuous ticking of a clock in my life, and the soft chiming of the bells day and night to tell me the time. Sure I could look at my cell phone to see the time, or the stove clock, but chimes keep me aware of the hours ticking away.

Ridgeway makes the Grandfather Clock I'd enjoy in my living room! With free shipping and free in-home setup, on purchases over $1100.00 this clock would be a perfect gift for me if anyone is looking! Be sure to listen to the chimes - which ones do you like best?

For more information on Grandfather Clocks history, care, chimes, and to learn about the Grandfather of all Clocks, the impressive, 150 year old 'Big Ben' be sure to visit the