Tuesday, April 08, 2008

6 Car Pile-Up in Deas Tunnel

Saturday evening Crystal was in a 6 car pile up in the Deas Tunnel and was rear ended - hard enough to push the car right into the back end of a pick up truck and to cause her and MY car damage. She was in shock for a couple of days, has a sore back, muscle relaxants, a police report, doctors appointments, ICBC appointments, a story to tell - and me... I have a car which had very low mileage, garage kept, was in perfect condition, one owner and destined to become a 'collector'. Now, I have a piece of s**t car... no, what am I talking about - actually I don't even have a car - it's in the wrecker's yard.

Do I sound bitter? Maybe just a tad - this car was my 50th birthday present from Kent - 5 1/2 years ago and I was proud of the fact it was still in nearly perfect condition - other than one insignificant 'rub' which perhaps happened in a parking lot. Crystal and I had just talked about the fact I didn't want mileage put on my car and it was safer sitting in the garage, but she REALLY, REALLy wanted to borrow it for a special date. It was Trevor's birthday and she was driving him downtown and they were going out with a group of friends. I knew my car would be sitting in a secure garage overnight and she doesn't drink and drive - so I let her take it. My mistake.

Sure enough, traffic came to a sudden stop in the tunnel, with the truck and car ahead rear-ending someone who stopped because someone else stopped ahead of him. Crystal was able to stop before rear-ending the truck in front, but the car behind was following too close, going too fast and slammed into the rear end of my car, slamming it into the truck in front. Lucky, it wasn't an 18 wheeler or a larger car following her as my car accordianed with the impact and the damage to Crystal and Trevor would have significantly increased - never mind the car.

Anyway, Crystal took photos for the insurance company - and me as she knew I would blog it. Every fire fighter, ambulance attendant, and policeman in their BDU Pants were out in full force as any accident in the tunnel is always major, usually causing serious injuries, traffic snarls for hours and headaches (and lots of work) for the tow trucks.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

It's so nice to see the sunshine and to know the temperatures will be increasing and the weather will improve. The winter seemed to drag on forever, with dull grey skies and drizzle. I think Spring has finally sprung!

The early flowers are blooming, the trees are budding and even my roses are sending out new bright red shoots. My neighbours are pressure washing and the golf course is getting much busier. I even feel like walking the dyke occasionally with Hugo.

He found this golf ball and carried it all the way home. His Mommy doesn't like him chewing golf balls as they are small enough to choke him, but how could I take it away from him when he was so proud of his find, and carried it all the way home? I let his Mommy take it away... heh heh.