Monday, March 10, 2008

Las Vegas Antiques

Kent and I had a great time in Las Vegas with Albert and Norma. We left early Wednesday morning and drove in Alberts truck, stopping for meals and at a couple of antique shops and a night in a hotel. We arrived in Las Vegas late Thursday night, checked into our hotel room and crashed. It felt good to get out of the truck, unpack and know we were staying put for a 4 nights!

Friday, we unhooked the 20 foot trailer and headed out for the day (after a quick preview of the auction items - which was the main reason for our trip). We gambled, ate and wandered around, enjoying the sights and sounds.

The Antique Casino Auction was Saturday and Sunday 9 to 5, and took up most of our time. Registration cost $10.00 each and we were served 4 fabulous buffet meals. Now that was a deal! Of course we left a fair amount of money in the auctioneers hand :) which certainly paid for all the food we could possibly eat.

Kent went crazy and bought a bunch of stuff - cash registers, slot machines, a scale, and a lovely mirror which was once hung in the Flamingo Hotel. I do really, really like the mirror as it has blue mirrored edges and is absolutely beautiful with no marks or chips. It's difficult to decide where we should hang it!

Albert and Norma left Monday morning, dropping Kent at the airport to rent a car for us for the next few days.


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