Friday, February 06, 2009

Celebrating 96 Years Young!

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My 'Pop' has had 95 birthdays already and his 96th is coming up really quickly!

My family and I have held some incredible parties for him over the years with great themes and huge numbers of guests... so it's always difficult to come up with another idea for a party. When you live as long as Pop has I think your birthday should be very special every year.

So, I'm starting to research a few ideas now for his June birthday. Once I'm at Egmont, living aboard the boat for the Spring and Summer I don't have internet access continually and certainly don't have much time for research!

I always found kids birthday party ideas were easy to come up with, but adults are another story - especially 'older' adults.

With the help of I think I've come up with a fairly good idea! Summer Solstice is the end of June so that theme would fit perfectly. The decor is simple - clear mini lights in the trees, a few Chinese lanterns hung from the branches, candles on the tables, pretty napkins and fresh flowers. Add guests, with a potluck dinner, a huge birthday cake with 96 candles, and party into the wee hours, while wishing Pop all the best and welcoming summer sunshine and warmth!

Will you join us?

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K T Cat said...

I hope my dad makes it to that age. I love him so much! My mom, too.

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olivia said...

You can invite 96 people!

Murray Newlands said...

Have a great party :)