Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ideas on Tap

Crystal, Morgan and I attended Ideas on Tap at Yaletown Brew Pub Thursday evening. This light networking event was put on by 6S Marketing to give 5 people a 60 second 'milk crate' speech to promote their web business, blog , or tech idea.

After an hour of schmoozing, beer drinking and watching the Canucks game, we listened to the speakers, voted by tapping our beer glasses and cheering for Andre Charland of Nitobi Software who won a 16 GB iPod Touch!

Approximately 250 people attended Ideas on Tap, making it a huge success for the tech/blogging community of Vancouver. Next one is January 2009. You may sign up to receive an email notification.


TraiaN said...

I missed the last year event, but I am planning to attend the 2009 one. See you there!