Friday, October 17, 2008

Costume Creations

I have a funny photo to share of Halloween costumes Kent and I wore in the 1980's. Yes, of course we won a prize - a bottle of wine I think! The prize wasn't the point though - we were out to have fun. Our 'Bride and Groom' costumes were made of plastic bags which I sewed, threaded and taped together. We discovered plastic is rather uncomfortably hot to wear!

Halloween is one of my favourite times as I love dress-up, whether it's a last minute alien headdress made of tinfoil or elegant Period Costumes. I love acting the part and being 'someone else' for an evening.

Halloween Day I always try to visit various business where the employees dress up. The banks always seem to be big on inventive costumes, but even seeing a pair of ghost socks on an employee in a store makes me smile.

Now, here is the bar pick-up line of October: "Have you decided on a costume for Halloween?" It's certainly an ice breaker and sometimes creates an interesting conversation. Sure - you may borrow that!

You can get some great costume ideas at, "The Masters of Masquerade".

So, what are dressing as for Halloween? Do you have your costume picked out? Are you dressing up for work? Going out to a bar? Staying home to scare the little kiddies with a witch costume? Let me know - I need some good ideas this year.


kid's angel said...

Hey...thats a cool idea of scaring the kiddies. What costumes have you tried for that?

Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Heh, heh... it's kind of mean to scare the kids coming to your door - but it can be fun! I usually put on a scary mask and open the door quickly and make a loud noise - they jump a mile. Last year my doggy and I both wore pirate costumes - he scared everyone more than I with his loud bark!

Lina said...

Great Costumes you had!:))
I will not spend any money on costumes this year - will try to sew anything for my daughter myself, and may be make some funny hats for all:)

Jailyn said...

Really a funny photo..! You had fantastic Halloween costumes.

Dating software said...

I both wore pirate costumes - he scared everyone more than I with his loud bark!

AdWords Agency said...

Is this costume is made by polithins?

recycling bin said...

Cool costume ideas! I wore plastic bags once and it was really uncomfortable.